What are 3 Ways to Increase Productivity?

March 13th, 2020 in Productivity

What are 3 Ways to Increase Productivity?

What are 3 Ways to Increase Productivity?

Having a productive workday feels fulfilling but with so many distractions more often than not we fall into unproductive traps. The good news is with few tweaks to your daily routine you can get most out of your day. Here are our 3 ways to increase productivity when working from home or the office.

Get rid of meaningless meetings

Don’t have meetings if they are not productive or required; they waste an enormous amount of time for organizations every year. Share the relevant information in advance and restrict the meeting to only decision meetings. Many items that feel like they require a meeting can usually be addressed over a few messages.

Define small tasks and goals for the day

Set goals for the day and small tasks that will get you there. It is always easy to make progress on small tasks throughout the day than to tackle a large daunting task, break it down into small tasks and go from there. Having a list of tasks to work off for the day will also allow you to hold yourself accountable at the end of the day.

Free up your email

Use a separate email address for trails, newsletters, and promotions. This way your phone won’t be going off every time you receive an email that doesn’t need immediate attention. Reduce the use of email, buy utilizing workplace communications platforms to efficiently communicate with your colleagues.


Take a walk.

Work can get hectic and mentally draining, stepping from it away for a few minutes can help with coping with stress. Talking a walk is a good way to regroup yourself in stressful times, it sparks creativity and prevents burnout.

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