5 Tips to Improve Collaborative Project Management

October 20th, 2016 in Project Management

5 Tips to Improve Collaborative Project Management

In today’s innovative work environment you just can’t rely on back-forth email to collaborate on a project. To improve collaborative project management, you need to introduce software that will enable everyone from CEO to rest of the company to openly communicate, manage projects, share ideas, works on tasks and get work done faster and efficiently. 

1. Discuss work where it is being done
It will always be more productive to use one tool to manage a project, rather than using one tool for communication, another for tasks and so on and so forth. Discussing the project where it is being done just keeps everything in perspective without any confusion for the team working on the project. Also, if you bring someone new to the project, you can get them up to speed very quickly.

2. You should always be able to see what’s coming up next
Use task management to plan a project and assign responsibility for tasks. Team members should always to be able to see what they need to get done next and when it is supposed to get done. This way every team member is held accountable for tasks they are assigned and keeps the team on the same page.

3. Engage in an open-ended Discussion
It is important to engage in an open discussion about the project with your team; everybody comes from a different background, and as a project manager that should always be used to your team’s advantage by listening to ideas and perspective of everyone on the team before making a decision. By enabling others to do their best work we can always be confident that the end product will be great.

4. Shared Responsibility
One of the main parts of project management is to coordinate and delivering the end results. First of all, never try doing everything by yourself, break the project down and organize and assign responsibility to team members. Give everyone in the team a purpose and hold them accountable for what they are responsible for.

5. Make all the information available in one place
No one likes having to go to 10 different places to find information that they need to do their job efficiently and that is not good for the productivity of the team. Bring all the communication with the team, project files and tasks in once place, so everyone knows what they need to get done and what is going on with the project at all times. Nothing hurts progress on the project more than confusion and miscommunication. The best way to eliminate it is to bring it all in one spot.


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