5 ways to be more productive at work everyday

May 21st, 2016 in Productivity

5 ways to be more productive at work everyday

Here are five productivity hacks and tweaks to your daily routine that will help you get most out of your day.

Get rid of meaningless meetings.
Don’t have meetings if they are not productive or required; they waste an enormous amount of time for organizations every year. Share the relevant information in advance and restrict the meeting to only decision meetings.

Network during lunch hour.
If you are too busy to go to networking events after work, network during lunch break. Grab a casual lunch with your co-workers or boss this could be an excellent way to establish a relationship with people you want to know better, people you don’t know or people from outside of the organization.

Define small tasks and goals for the day.
Set goals for the day and small tasks that will get you there. It is always easy to make progress on small tasks throughout the day than to achieve a one large, daunting goal.

Free up your email.
Use a separate email address for trails, newsletters, and promotions. This way your phone won’t be going off every time you receive an email that doesn’t need immediate attention.

Take a walk.
It is a good way to regroup yourself in stressful times, taking a walk sparks creativity and prevents burnout.


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