A Big Slenke Announcement

October 3rd, 2016 in Product

A Big Slenke Announcement

Today, I am very proud to announce one more big step toward our mission at Slenke of creating a connected workplace and giving people a simpler way to get work done.

Slenke is a collaboration and project management software for company members to securely communicate with one and other, manage projects, share files, assign tasks while all being end-to-end encrypted. Until today Slenke only allowed company internal use only.

Starting today 100’s of companies using Slenke will be able to collaborate with people from outside of their organization on projects, tasks, file sharing and more. These guest user could be your client who needs to send files or needs to communicate with you and your team regularly. Or it could be an independent contractor that you’ve hired for one project that your team needs to collaborate with. Why not get it all done in one place and get it done faster?

Best of all, Guest Users in projects will be completely free. We hope you enjoy this added feature as we continue to work hard to deliver the best possible product to our customers.
Hamza Warraich
CEO, Slenke

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