Why is Email Terrible for Collaboration?

May 16th, 2017 in Productivity

Why is Email Terrible for Collaboration?

Ask yourself how often do you send a personal email to a friend? My guess would be not very often, because you can get in touch with your friend using Facebook, WhatsApp, and many other social tools. So we have figured it out that email is an inefficient way of frequent communication in our personal lives but why have we not implement this knowledge in our business lives? The vast majority of the business still use emails as a primary way of communication and collaboration in their organizations and here are some reason why you should consider moving away from it.

Emails Waste A lot of Time
An average corporate user spends 1/4 of their workday reading and answering their emails. On average 25 percent of the day is spent not contributing in a meaningful way. Valuable knowledge gets buried deeper and deeper as our inboxes get full of spam and not vital emails.

Not built for Collaboration
I am sure we all have attempted to brainstorm using emails and we know it well how out of hand all those chains of CC’s BCC’s get. More often than not you dig through emails with just “thanks” or ” I got it” to really find the important information. After spending countless hours on emails there is still no overview of what needs to get done and who is responsible for what?

Kills Knowledge Transfer and Transparency
Emails are private between the sender and the receiver of the email. This leave rest of the team out of the loop and hence can’t benefit from the transfer of vital knowledge.

Destroys Focus
On average employees check their email about 36 times a day, this is not the issue. It can take up to 16 minutes to refocus after checking their email.

20% to 30% of the time can be saved if a main channel of communication is moved to a collaboration tool.


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