Two 2017 Collaboration Software Awards Now Belong To Slenke

February 24th, 2017 in Product

Two 2017 Collaboration Software Awards Now Belong To Slenke

Slenke team feels proud to share some amazing news with our users: our collaboration system has just become the winner of the Rising Star Award for 2017 and the prestigious Great User Experience Award delivered by FinancesOnline. This reputed software review platform featured our product in a detailed Slenke review, where their experts enthusiastically analyzed how we benefit the activities and collaboration within a team. 

The team of experts from FinancesOnline works devotedly to examine hundreds of collaboration solutions and we are very happy to be included in their best collaboration software category. According to their experts, Slenke has exactly what you’d expect from a quality solution, as it lets users work in an intuitive and familiar environment, and provides them with all necessary feature to share and manage information. What they also appreciated was the innovative approach adopted by our development team, which brought communication channels together to eliminate the need to pay for third-party software. We also enjoyed a spot on their list of leading collaboration solutions prepared by their team.
As discussed in the review, Slenke does a great job keeping team members on the same page and allowing them to discuss ideas and exchange files in a fully secured environment. Unlike many reputed collaboration apps, the reviewers said, Slenke also gives companies the possibility to bring in external collaborators, and let them contribute directly instead of waiting for emails and responding late. Experts also agreed that for a tool offering solid invoice management and at-rest encryption Slenke is very reasonably priced, and they praised our annual subscription plans which make the system even more affordable.


Free Collaborative Project Management Tool

If you’re thinking of implementing collaborative project management software, try Slenke for free.  Invite your team to Slenke, work on and complete a short project together using the software, and see how we can help your team work better.


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