Slenke Launches Construction Correspondence Software

April 14th, 2022 in Announcement

Slenke Launches Construction Correspondence Software

Today at Slenke we are happy to be introducing BuildEnd.

BuildEnd is our new cloud software to help commercial contractors better manage correspondence. The software will help contractors send and receive all correspondence through a centralized app, replacing paper forms, emails, and text messages. The result will be better decision-making, by having all relevant information in one place and quicker turnaround times on change requests and invoices, resulting in better cash flow.

My family’s business is commercial construction. I kept hearing from contractors that correspondence was being done inefficiently and was costing them money. Many of the big construction software suites have some correspondence functionality, but most small and mid-sized contractors already have solutions in place that cover project management and accounting – they just need something to fill the correspondence gap.

Hamza Warraich,CEO, Slenke Inc.

BuildEnd offers the following features:

  • Handle all types of correspondence: Submittals, RFIs, Incident Reports, etc.
  • Generate Change Orders and append them to the budget
  • Generate Time Cards and track time against cost codes
  • Create POs and AIA-style payment applications and schedules of values
  • Keep all documents, plans, and files in centralized cloud storage

We’ve started using BuildEnd on a new restaurant build; it lets us make better decisions in the field. Every time a trade is idle or is sent away because something got lost in the paper shuffle, our schedule and our profit margin are put at risk. When our project team has full visibility and is on top of requests from stakeholders, we can respond quickly and deliver on what we promised.

Zahid Randhawa from BestCon Group

About BuildEnd

BuildEnd provides construction management software to small and medium-sized commercial construction companies. Our cloud-based software helps contractors make faster and better decisions to deliver improved timelines, cash flow, and profitability. For more information, visit

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