Slenke Tips: Using tasks to get the project done

May 31st, 2017 in Project Management

Slenke Tips: Using tasks to get the project done

Breaking a project down into tasks is a very effective way to manage responsibilities for the project and getting it done. Rather than looking at the project as one giant task, tasks help us look at it as a bunch of smaller objectives that are very achievable in the short term. So here are few tips and tricks that will come in handy to efficiently and effectively manage projects with Slenke tasks.

Use Sub-Tasks whenever you can
Not only can you break a project down into tasks, you can also break the tasks further into more manageable sub-tasks. Subtasks are great for a large task that can be broken down and different sub-tasks of it can be assigned to project members. It will help to keep track of how far along a large task is by looking at how many of the sub-tasks are completed.

Task Comments
Every task in Slenke has a comment section use it to discuss any issues and/or questions about the task. Task comments keep all the communication related to the task organized in one place and it helps with keeping the chat contextual and focused.

Task alerts to stay on top of it all
Every time you assign a task to someone in the project they get an in-application alert about the new task. You as a project manager or the creator of the task will get an alert when it marked as completed or edited. Use the alerts to stay on top of new tasks being assigned and/or tasks that are being marked as completed.

Quick Add
Slenke allows you to add all the information related to a task (descriptions, files, users etc.) when you are initially adding it or you can use quick add. I would suggest quick add if you have to add a bunch of different tasks. It’s easy, simply type the name of the task and press enter, add rest of them using the same method. Once all of them are added, you can go back to them and add due dates or any other information you need to add to them. This is a simple way to quickly add many tasks to a project.

Slenke’s task calendar provides a weekly and monthly visual view of tasks and their due dates. It allows you to move tasks around to different dates and offers a visual representation of what’s coming up this week or the next and this month or any other month. It will help you better plan tasks and provide you with a project schedule.

My Tasks
My task section on the homepage is all about you, every task on the list is for you. My tasks show tasks assigned to you from all projects. The task list provided in “My tasks” section is broken down by tasks that are overdue, tasks that are due today and upcoming tasks. Other than the list there is a calendar available to you for all tasks assigned to you. This section is in Slenke so you never have to look around to see what you need to get done, it’s all there in front of you as soon as you sign in.

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