Slenke Tips: Using time tracking for Project Management

May 31st, 2017 in Productivity

Slenke Tips: Using time tracking for Project Management

Time Tracking is can be an effective way to make sure a project remains on track. Here are few things that you can do with Slenke’s Time Tracking feature that will help with project management.

1. Set Budgeted Number of hours
The best way to utilize time tracking for project management is to figure out estimated number of hours a project needs. Afterward, by editing the project, you can add estimated number of hours that you want to spend on the project. This will be the foundation of using time tracking in Slenke for project management.

2. Use the Progress Bar
On the project page, you will see a percentage progress bar, this tracks actual hours spent vs. budgeted hours for the project. It is an easy way to get a quick overview of how much of the budget time for the project has already been used.

Slenke Tips: Using time tracking for Project Management

3. Hours to Date button
Hours to date button on the project page will break down the actual number of hours spent on the project. It will show you a number of hours spent by each team member and a number of hours spent on different project activities of the project.

Slenke Tips: Using time tracking for Project Management

4. Add a list of Activities
In Slenke’s settings page under “Edit Organization”, you can easily add a list of activities that users can track their time against. For example, if you add “Graphic Design” as an activity then users will be able to add their time as spent 5 Hours Working on “New Website Project” Doing “Graphic Design”.

5. Track Time
This one goes without saying if you want to get benefits that come with tracking time then make it a common practice for you and your team. Slenke makes it simple and hassle-free to track time for projects.

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