Slenke Update: Task reports and more new stuff

February 6th, 2017 in Product

Slenke Update: Task reports and more new stuff

Here are some new features and updates that went live on Slenke today.

1. Task Reports: There will be a weekly email sent to users telling them how many upcoming tasks and overdue tasks they have remaining on Slenke.
2. Private Message email notification: If you don’t read a private message sent to you for 20 minutes an email notification will be sent to the user about the unread message.

3. Now you will be able to create an unlimited number of departments and groups regardless of the plan you are subscribed to.
4. Improved and easy time tracking for the projects your team is working on and by default, a project manager will need to approve the time tracked by project members before it appears in the project.
5. Performance improvements throughout the system.


Free Collaborative Project Management Tool

If you’re thinking of implementing collaborative project management software, try Slenke for free.  Invite your team to Slenke, work on and complete a short project together using the software, and see how we can help your team work better.

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