Slenke Update: Tasks, Emojis and communication encryption

July 25th, 2016 in Product

Slenke Update: Tasks, Emojis and communication encryption

Slenke is looking a little bit different today because yesterday set of new features and upgrades went live. Here at Slenke we are committed to improving and delivering on our promise of productivity.

Here are some of the things that have changed:

Tasks: Now you can add, edit and view a task in as many as one step. You will no longer be required to fill out a full form to add a task. Just type the name of the task and press enter, that is it.  You will be able to view the task without reloading the page and edit it just by clicking the content you want to edit.

Posts/Comments/Task Comments/Messages: Now every message posted on Slenke is full encrypted end-to-end, delivering on our promise to provide the most secure place for internal company communication.

Shared Files: All the file shared with the team on Slenke will also be fully encrypted as well and only available to team members who it is indented for.

Emojis: What can be a better way to finish this update than telling you that we support over 200+ emojis now, feel free send those smiley faces to your co-workers.

There are many others small updates and improvement throughout the software. I would love to know what you think of our new updates and if there is something that we missed and should focus on. Thank you for trusting and using Slenke.

Have a great day!


Hamza Warraich, CEO Slenke


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