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Slenke was founded in 2012, based out of Ottawa, Canada. Slenke's mission is to create a connected workplace for organizations everywhere and give people a better way to work.

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Slenke was Founded

November 2012: Slenke was founded under the name Boast Technologies Corp.

Initial Focus

The initial focus of Slenke was very different. We started out as a software services company developing web applications for our clients.


Our First Office

February 2013: Slenke moved into its first office. A 150sq ft office which accommodated 4 of us.

Moved into Downtown Office

October 2013: As we grew we needed more space, and we moved into our Ottawa downtown office.

November 2013: CEO Hamza Warraich, named as one of Ottawa's up-and-coming young entrepreneur by The Globe and Mail.

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News 27 November
April 2014: After being dissatisfied by the software we were using, we decided to start the development our own project management software Slenke, for in-house use. At the time, known as "Project X".
October 2014: Slenke.com was officially registered.

Beta Testing

December 2014: Slenke went into open beta.

January 2015: To start the year our company completed the pivot to focus entirely to Slenke.

Worldwide Launch

October 2015: Slenke opened its door and made available to worldwide customers.

First Public Demo

October 2015: Our CEO Hamza Warraich presents the first public demo of Slenke at ProductHunt Ottawa. More about the night!

February 2016: Officially changed the company name to Slenke Inc.

February 2016: Our CEO sat down for a interview talk about his vision for Slenke

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