Increase productivity and workplace collaboration for the entire company.

All the features you need to get work done in one spot.


Team Messaging

Slenke breaks down barriers to communicate between departments, teams and locations. Get your employees on Slenke for open communication to inspire ideas, connect individuals and so much more.


Manage Projects

Slenke provides a smart and simple way to keep projects on the fast track to success. Manage all of your project files in one place and instantly share with team members. Get projects done on time, and on budget.


Task Management

Create, assign and manage unlimited tasks to be done within projects, for yourself and your team. Everyone knows who’s responsible for what, what to do, and when to do it.


Time Tracking

Track time against various projects that you are working on. Manage and approve your team's hours within Slenke.



Generate invoices for client projects using tracked time or flat rates and send them with a click of a button.


Guest Users

Invite users from outside of your organization to collaborate on projects, these users can be your clients, contractors etc. and only share what you want to with them.


1:1 Messaging

Open communication allows members of groups to chat individually, across the department or company-wide. It's easy to talk about ideas and initiatives.


End-to-end encryption

All of your files, messages and posts are encrypted through AES, providing a secure environment to share details.


User groups and custom permissions

With a unique group and user permissions systems, it allows just the people you want in your organization to access certain areas.