Everything at a Glance

Easy to use customizable project workflows, with an interface that shows the big picture at a glance.

Gantt Timelines

See how all the pieces fit together with the timeline.

Kanban Boards

Easy to use boards allow you to design a workfolow that works for your project.

Task Lists

Delegate and track tasks from start to finish.

Custom Workflows

Create customized project workflows that work for your team.


Clutter-Free Team Communication

Contextual team communication will keep everyone on the same page and put an end to chains of emails.

Contextual Posts

Keep the conversation on topic at all times.


Get your team's input with Slenke Polls.

Encrypted Communication

Encryption for all messages and files shared on Slenke.

Search it all

Easily search every group and everything in it.

Manage Project Resources

Manage the resources in real-time using the tracked time, project budgets and team workloads.

Track Time

Easily track time against projects with a click.

Team Workload Timelines

Manage team's workload across different projects.

Budget Project Time

Budget time for a project and manage it in real-time.


More Features

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Reports & Analytics

Guest Users

End to End Ecryption

User groups and custom permissions

Search everything

Mobile & Tablet Apps

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