Plan, Breakdown, and Execute

Break projects into manageable tasks and track their progress on the project board. Protect your team from chaos and empower them to focus on finishing their work.

Spot Workflow Bottlenecks

Customize your columns for all the workflow stages to better understand where the tasks are piling up and where improvements can be made.

Achieve Complete Visibility

Keep track of where each task stands and who's working on them. There is no need to ask for status reports. All you need to do is keep the board updated.


A complete work management solution

Gantt Charts

Use Gantt charts to plan an entire project and see how the pieces fit together. Follow the plan to keep the project on schedule.

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Time Tracking

With project time-tracking, understand how and where time is spent so your projects can stay on schedule and budget.

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Team Messaging

With team messaging, bring all of your work communication into one place, so everyone is on the same page and has the work context they need.

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