Communicate with context

Keep conversations focused and on-topic by always having work updates at hand so you can have a more informed conversation with the team.

Organized conversations

In Slenke, every conversation has a place to move forward, whether it is for a project update, a comment on a task, a post for your team, or a direct message to a co-worker.

Align organization from top to bottom

Create a central hub for all teams, so the organization's north star is not lost in translation, leaders can maintain visibility and teams can work together on cross-functional projects.


A complete work management solution

Gantt Charts

Use Gantt charts to plan an entire project and see how the pieces fit together. Follow the plan to keep the project on schedule.

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Time Tracking

With project time-tracking, understand how and where time is spent so your projects can stay on schedule and budget.

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Kanban Boards

Use Kanban boards to visualize workflows and tasks, better understand processes and gain an overview of workload.

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