What is construction project management software?

Construction project management software is a set of tools developed to help project teams to plan, track, manage projects within the defined scope and budget from start to finish. A good construction project management software enables effective communication and collaboration between the team to accelerate the project.

Key benefits of using construction project management software

Overall, construction project management software benefits by tracking the progress of projects, budgets & costs, time spent on work items, and allocation of work across the team. With construction project management software, project managers can better understand where the project stands, address risks, and keep everyone involved in the project on the same page.

Drive Effciency

Better organize projects and tasks. Get rid of those spreadsheets and post it notes in favour of well organized projects and in one place.

Visibility and Oversight

Keep work on time and on budget with granular reporting for managers and high level views for senior managers. Get alerted when projects or tasks fall behind.


Speed up the back and forth process and stop losing information in endless email chains. Give limited access to client users to streamline collaborative tasks.

Manage project costs and budgets

Set per hour costs for roles or work category and see in real-time how tracked time translate to project costs.

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Why do you need a construction project management software?

Managing construction projects is hard work. It becomes even harder if your work is spread across many spreadsheets, paper, and emails. It is hard to keep track of all the moving pieces and difficult to stay up to date on the status of projects and individual tasks. This causes things to start falling through the cracks. Use one tool to organize all your construction projects, make communication seamless, and meet deadlines.

A complete construction project management solution

Project Portfolios

With project portfolios, get a high-level overview of all of your initiatives in one place - track where projects stand at any given time.

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Time Tracking

With project time-tracking, understand how and where time is spent so your projects can stay on schedule and budget.

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Resource Management

With resource management, manage team's workload by viewing their capacity in one easy-to-understand view.

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Kanban Boards

Use Kanban boards to visualize workflows and tasks, better understand processes and gain an overview of workload.

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Gantt Charts

Use Gantt charts to plan an entire project and see how the pieces fit together. Follow the plan to keep the project on schedule.

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Team Messaging

With team messaging, bring all of your work communication into one place, so everyone is on the same page and has the work context they need.

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